Our wide range of products includes various dryers manufactured  by well-known Danish company Cimbria. The capacity and type is customized to meet the needs of our diverse customers. Apart from  standard dryers, a new concept of dryer was launched, G2010 Dryer and recently Cimbria ECO-Master Dryer.

ECO-Master Dryer:

  • ECO-Master is a synonym of modern technology and well known high standard of Cimbria
  • up to 15% savings of heat energy and up to 45% saving of electrical power
  • easy access for inspection and cleaning
  • fully controlled drying process
  • ECO-Master Dryer = dust emission and noise levels significantly reduced

G2010 Dryer:

  • Double width of "A" section (2 x 3400mm)
  • enclosed design
  • continuous dust discharge
  • vertical exhaust
  • inspection platforms inside the dryer
  • integrated air intakes for hot /cooling air

Moreover,  the drying unit can be equipped with  Cyclofans (fans which reduce dust to a minimum) and sound silencers. Both options allow the dryer to work in the close proximity to residential buildings.

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