Seed processing

We also supply equipment and complete lines for the seed industry. Based on the solutions of Cimbria Heid company we can provide you with fixed lines and mobile lines. We also design mobile lines mounted on trucks or trailers.

Cimbria develops and manufactures an entire range of seed processing machines and solutions for all sorts of cleaning and grading. We deliver seed-processing plants for a variety of grain, cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds, rice, legumes, garden seed and other commercial seed, capable of working under all kinds of climatic conditions all over the world. We supply complete seed processing lines with a capacity to suit a specific client needs.

Our solid experience in technical engineering together with our vast knowledge about processing technology and products enable us to provide specific and tailor-made solutions for cleaning, grading and healing various seeds and cereals. We are happy to counsel, manage the project and erect the plant for every type and purpose of cleaning and various products.

Seed and Grain General Processing Plants:

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