Masnedo Bulk Terminal

A large-scale bulk materials handling project in Denmark has been completed. Storage facilities and and bulk handling equipment designed, delivered and installed. 4 Silos at over 1000 tons, 4 Silos x 6300ton; Total capacity of flat storage at 100 000tonnes. See the drone footage!

M.B.T. Denmark

This is an ongoing project in Scandinavia where we supply the following:

4 Silos over 1000 tonnes, 4 Silos x 6300tonnes; Total capacity including flat store 100 000tonnes. 2 Intak hoppers x300t/h, Cleaning 2x300t/h, Drying 125t/h

Solvay in Włocławek

Delivery and installation of loading chutes.


66 000 tonne store capacity. Silos with truck loading facility. Silos for 24h production

OTŚP Świnoujście

85 000 tonne flat store capacity, truck loading 2x @ 350 TPH,Truck intake @ 500 TPH, Train intake @ 500 TPH

Fast Terminals. Port Szczecin

Charging towers accommodated for totalising hopper weighers assembly.

Szczecin Bulk Terminal

Provision and installation of conveing equipment for bulk materials

Cargill Sierpc

Delivery and assembly of Cimbria Contec screw conveyors.


Cimbria Delta Pre Cleaner 159

Agrolok Sp. z o.o. - Ujście

Unloading facility and conveying equipment

New facility in Siedlce

Provision  and erection of hoppers and conveying equipment

Agrolok Osiek

Two hoppers for fertilisers and rapeseed meal.

Gospodarstwo Rolne, woj. podlaskie

Delivery and erection of mobile feeding system for flat storage facilities.

100 t/h capacity.

Delivery and installation of supporting construction.  

Baltic Grain Terminal

Hoppers filling up line


Delivery and installation of bucket conveyor.

PN Karpicko

The line for seed cleaning.

RPPHU Przeworno Sp.z o.o.

Coating line for seeds. Cimbria Centricoater CC150.

PHU Skrzypek

Cleaning seeds line.

Saatbau Polska at ZPN Oława

Container drying system 

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

Continuous treater for seeds, type KB25 by Cimbria.

KWS Lochow Sp. z o.o.

Proviosion of cleaner for precleaning of seeds.  

Agro - Sieć Sp. z o.o.

A complete line for seed cleaning.

Advisory Sp. z o.o.

A line for seed cleaning.

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

A coating line. Continuous Treater KB10.

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

Cleaning seeds line.


DMG Cimbria Dryer with conveying equipemnt and aspiration system.  

Saatbau Polska

Drying seeds in containers.

Agrolok Sp. z o.o.

Flat storage facilities


Załadunek sadzy przy pomocy rękawa załadowczego Moduflex z rozrzutnikiem FlexFill


In the 20th jubilee of Morski Terminal Masowy Gdynia, Buttimer has signed a contract with the MTMG company which operates the bulk terminal at Gdynia Port for the provision of a soybean meal import facility. The soybean meal terminal will be able to accommodate Panamax vessels and will comprise storage facilities. See the film.


Loading chute Cimbria Moduflex H300T7 FlexSeal


Hoppers in Lubella.

Baltic Grain Terminal

Provision of equipment for newly built flat storage.


Provision and erection of steel bottom-flat bins along with bulk handling equipment.


Delivery and erection of weighing and packing unit for big bag with a certified weght

Centrala Nasienna Oborniki

Delivery and erection of De-awner  

Interchemall Zespół Młynów Jelonki Sp. z o.o.

Delivery of Cimbria triuers battery

Saaten Union Polska Sp. z o.o.

Delivery and erection of complete pre cleaning line along with a hopper

Marlibo 2000

Delivery of Cimbria trieurs

FN Granum

Delivery and erection of Gravity Table and  replacement of Aspiration System

KWS LOCHOW Polska Sp z o.o.

Delivery and erection of Cimbria HSR 12030 Trieur with 3 cylinders 

Gospodarstwo Rolne woj. warmińsko-mazurskie

Fine cleaning cleaner for grain and grass seeds

Przedsiębiorstwo Rolne woj. łódzkie

Delta 108, the largest cleaner for fine cleaning

Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowa woj. łódzkie

Delta 108, the largest cleaner for fine cleaning

Gospodarstwo Nasienne Dobki

Delivery of Cimbria Gravity Table 

Centrala Nasienna Sp. z o.o. Pracowników i Producentów Rolnych w Mogilnie

Fine cleaning line for seeds

Gospodarstwo Rolne woj. Pomorskie

De awner for seeds

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

  Replacement of wiring system and two lines control system

Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna

Seeds treatment and packing line

Centrala Nasienna w Obornikach Sp. z o.o.

Another pre cleaning line for seeds 

Zakład Przerobu Nasion (Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.)

Delivery and erection of trieurs for seeds cleaning

KWS Lochow Polska Sp. z o.o.

  Delivery of fine cleaner

Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna

Delivery and erection of fine cleaning line for seeds 

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

Complete exchange of aspiration system at the plant

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe JANEX

  Delivery of Cimbria Gravity Table GA210

Rolnicza Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna

Pre-cleaning line along with silos

Saatbau Polska Sp. z o.o.

  Delivery and erection of Cimbria Cleaner for fine cleaning of seeds

Ros-Sweet Sp. z o.o.

Supply of Cimbria Gravity Table GA 310.


Seeds fine cleaning line.

Top Farms Agro Sp. z o.o.

Supply of Cimbria Gravity Table GA 310.

Glencore Werbkowice

Modernisation of  50 000 tons plant.


New storage of 4000 tons with an intake point

Elewator EWA

  Another Conveyor for Elewator EWA

Agricultural Holding, Pomorskie province

Cimbria Delta 143.1 Pre-Cleaner with adjustable screen inclination resulting in possibility of fine cleaning.

Gospodarstwo Rolne

  Gospodarstwo Rolne, farm in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province. Cimbria Gravity Table GA210.

Agricultural Holding

  Agricultural Holding in the Łódzkie province. Cimbria Combi Cleaner for both pre    and fine cleaning of seeds.

Ząbkowice Śląskie

Cimbria ECO-Master Dryer

Trading and Production Company

 Trading and Production company, the Łódzkie province. A fine cleaner for seeds.

Ampol - Merol Sp. z o.o.

 Next fine cleaning line at Ampol-Merol company.

Agricultural Holding in Złotniki Kujawskie

  Cimbria Continuous Flow Dryer. Product - maize.

Fermy Drobiu Woźniak

 Cimbria Drum Cleaner

Best Oil Sp. z o.o.

 Oilseed crush storage at Lasocice

Ros-Sweet Sp. z o.o.

Fine cleaning line. The largest Delta Cleaner type 108 installed in Poland for the first time!

Enea Wytwarzanie SA Kozienice

Delivery and installation of Loading Chutes type N300T8, Cimbria Moduflex.

Agrocentrum Sp. z o.o.

Seed processing line

Ampol - Merol Sp. z o.o.

Fine cleaning line

Farm at Nory

Fine cleaning line

Dobki Farm

Cimbria cleaner for fine cleaning

"Bełka" P.W. Sp. j. Farm

Pre-cleaning and fine cleaning line.

Centrala Nasienna Sp. z o.o. in Środa Śląska

Cimbria De-Awner 184 and also wiring system installation complete with line process control.

ZPN Oława

Cimbria De-Awner 184

Dalgety Agra Polska Sp. z o.o.

Centricoater CC250, the largest unit in Poland!

KWS Lochow Polska Sp. z o.o.

Cimbria Gravity Table GA310

Dossche Sp. z o.o. in Sandomierz

PTN complete pelleting line in Sandomierz.

The University of Bydgoszcz

Delivery of special equipment - The CC Lab Centricoater Cimbria

Dossche Sp. z o.o. Maków Mazowiecki

Boa Compactor at Dossche, Maków Mazowiecki.

Dossche Sp. z o.o. in Kalisz

Complete pelleting line, PTN 900.

Centrala Nasienna w Obornikach Sp. z o.o.

Delivery and installation of pre-cleaning and fine cleaning line.

P.P.H.U Sonex

A fine cleaning line.

Ovotek (Fermy Drobiu Woźniak)

Grain Silo , ongoing project.

Elewator Ewa (Glencore)

Belt conveyor 600 t/h (Cimbria GHT 1200)

Kombinat Rolny Kietrz Sp. z o.o.

Delivery of Cimbria Centricoater.

P.W. Lechpol Sp. z o.o.

Installation of grain cleaning line at P.W. Lechpol.

Top Farms Agro Sp. z o.o.

Delivery of aspiration system for Cimbria Gravity Separator.

KWS Lochow Polska Sp. z o.o.

Modernisation of seed coating line. Cimbria equipment.

Gospodarstwo Rolne near Lublin

Delivery of Cimbria Fine Cleaner.

F.H. Weltsamen

Installation of seed cleaning line at F.H. Weltsamen.

Delivery and installation of Loading Chute at Zakład Sławno.

Delivery and installation of Loading Chute Moduflex Cimbria type H300F at Nordkalk Sp. z o.o. Zakład Sławno.  

Delivery and installation of Loading Chute in Szczecin.

Delivery and installation of Loading Chute Moduflex Cimbria type H300T at Nordkalk Sp. z o.o. in Szczecin.

Handling facilities for soya bean cake and rapeseed cake. Port in Świnoujście.

Delivery and installation for Bunge (ZT Kruszwica) of Cimbria conveying equipment at up to 800 t/h, also providing abilities to load and unload via train wagon and truck.

IKO Kompania Drobiarska Sp. z o.o.

Modernisation of feed milling, mixing line at 20t/h, grinding line at 12t/h and complete granulation line 15 t/h, IKO Kompania Drobiarska Sp. z o.o.

Blattin Polska

Blattin Polska

Biocorn Ziebice

Biocorn Ziebice

OKSM Drahle Mine

OKSM Drahle Mine

OKSM Zabiny Mine

OKSM Zabiny Mine

Hoppers in Gdynia

DML Units in Gdynia

Provimi Babsk

Intake hopper, Provimi in Babsk

Cargill (Poland) Sp. z o. o.

New sifting line, Cargill (Poland) Sp. z o. o.

Trouw Nutrition

Sifting and packing line modernization, Trouw Nutrition