SEA CHROME Electronic Sorting

Sortownik optyczny 1

Cimbria SEA sorters can be used for several kinds of products simply by setting specific sorting programs on its internal software. The sorters are equipped with a remote control system, which enables the intervention of Cimbria SEA in order to solve any machine anomalies in real time.

Cimbria SEA sorters provide excellent separation of all kinds of defective grains (colour and spot defects) and of any contaminant, thus assuring the best quality of the final product and improving the performance of mechanical cleaners by delivering better quality at reduced operational cost.

In wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, corn, millet, rice and any other type of grain cleaning, any type of contaminant and defective grains can be detected by Cimbria SEA sorters through visible and infrared technologies, and rejected with a high degree of accuracy. The possibility of identifying imperfect grains and of recovering the very few good ones while checking the rejects makes the SEA sorter a flexible, versatile and operator-friendly sorting system.

A very important application is the insertion of Cimbria SEA sorters at a strategic position in the cleaning process with the aim of simplifying and optimising the process.

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