Loading chutes

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Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes are designed for dust-free outloading of dry bulk material.

The loading chutes can be supplied for tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, open and closed rail wagons and containers. The chutes can be manufactured in a more sturdy construction for shiploading, stockpiling and warehousing, depending on customer requirements for heavy duty performance, long term durability and high capacities. The product programme covers all branches where dry bulk products are handled from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials.

The chutes can be delivered with an integrated fully self-contained filter system, or for connection to an external filter bag station. Furthermore, the basic product range is complemented by a vast variety of accessories, which makes it possible to deliver dust free loading chutes, taken specific customer requirements into account.

A unique modular construction ensures flexibility and enables modification and repair with a minimum of downtime, and all the loading chutes are well- documented and thoroughly tested before shipment.

The capacity is ranging from 150 – 700 m³/h for the standard chutes and 250 - 2800 m³/h for the ship loading chutes, and in length ranging from 1 – 30 mtr.

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