Belt conveyors

The Cimbria belt conveyors are ideal for gentle horizontal conveying of granular products such as grain, pellets, powder etc. A Cimbria belt conveyor is totally self-emptying, and the energy consumption and the wear is minimal.

The belt is a trough formed unit which runs on duplex or triple support rollers. This unit form gives a high capacity compared to the belt width. The conveyor can also be supplied with oil- and fat resistant belts if required.

The conveyors are supplied with a discharge spout suiting Cimbria Q-flanges. The capacities stated are maximum capacities and are only applicable for dry and clean grain. Other materials will reduce the output per hour.

The belt conveyors are available for capacities from 40 to 1,300m³/h. They are manufactured in a modular system and can be delivered in the exact required length and with optional equipment such as a discharge car, top and bottom cover, oil resistant belt, inlet hopper with support roller for passage etc.

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