Delta Cleaner Cimbria

Czyszczalnia delta

Cimbria develops and manufactures solutions for pre-cleaning of all cereals, maize, rape seed, peas and similar products before drying or storage. Pre-cleaning differs from rough cleaning in the way that this process also is able to separate products smaller than the main crop.

The Cimbria product range covers Cimbria Delta Pre Cleaners, Aspirators and Cimbria Combi Cleaners.

Cimbria Delta Pre Cleaners are a versatile screen cleaner specifically designed for pre cleaning using a 5 - 15m² area in conjunction with a sophisticated aspiration system. Pre-cleaners have capacities ranging from 7.5 to 360t/h.

The Cimbria Aspirator can be used both as a pre- and after cleaner aspirator for the effective extraction of dust, glumes etc. Significantly as a pre-cleaner the Aspirator reduces the dust emission in stores and during drying and cleaning.

The Cimbria Combi Cleaner has been developed both for high capacity pre-cleaning of grain, peas and rape seed and for industrial cleaning of grain for milling and malting barley. The machine’s screen area with its accurately matched stroke and frequency is complemented by Cimbria’s highly efficient recirculation pre- and after suction system.

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