From the very beginning, Buttimer has striven come up to its client’s expectations, and to offer them designs, complete and custom-built solutions specifically suited to their needs and local conditions. Buttimer offers turnkey services, from a concept development, general design and equipment detail design, to project management and erection. This mainly refers to ship loading and unloading, but also to the whole transport and storage infrastructure of the wharf.

We design and supply ship/bulk loaders for a wide range of products and applications. Buttimer offers mobile, rail mounted or stationary units.

Within ship unloader section Buttimer offers dockside mobile loaders (DML) and rail mounted loaders (RML)is used for loading & unloading of trucks, wagons and belt conveyor equipment can be used for dry bulk unloading , both heavy and lightweight products. It is delivered in various configurations and sizes, depending on application can be equipped with aspiration system, own drive, Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes, own power, control cubicle, and also patented Buttimer’s hydraulic suspension system that prevents from twisting of the structure.

Furthermore, we design and build loading and storage equipment; namely, belt conveyors intended for any type of dry bulk material handling. Depending on the application, belt conveyors can be equipped with a telescopic arm, own drive, drive for rotational motion, the jacking construction hydraulic systems and also loading chutes to prevent dusting. We also offer mobile bulk feeders (MBF), which are used for ship or bulk loading directly from trucks. Such equipment with a slow advance of a belt acts as a buffer allowing a complete discharge of a truck in less than 3 minutes.

The company designs and /or supplies loading conveyors, telescopic stackers, shiploaders and unloaders, plus all associated equipment for ports.

Buttimer offers a wide range of products and applications:

  • Ship unloaders – Dockside mobile loaders (DML) and rail mounted loaders (RML)
  • Ship loaders
  • Bulk loaders
  • Stackers
  • Conveying equipment
  • Mobile bulk feeders

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